Vitol Tank Terminal Vasiliko (VTTV), Cyprus

Project Duration: 2012 - 2014

Engineering, Procurement “EP”

Storage Tank Terminal with around 200,000 m³ capacity, including:

  • (3) Three Gas Oil storage tanks with Dome Aluminum roof of 26,000 m³ each
  • (1) One Gas oil storage tank Dome Aluminum roof of 21,500 m³
  • (4) Four Gasoline storage tanks Dome Aluminum roof with Internal Floating roof of 21,800 m³ each
  • (1) One Steel Cone fixed roof Fame storage tank of 2,000 m³
  • (1) One Steel Cone fixed roof Irrigation tank of 980m³
  • (1) One Steel Cone fixed roof fire water tank of 600 m³
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