Commissioning & Start-up

As an EPCC contractor, UNICO Petroleum gives a special care to the last “C”, since all hereinabove works are finally evaluated and given the real rate when the project comes into operation and Commissioning.

Therefore, once the hot works are finished, machineries and construction equipments are shut down, it is turn of UNICO Petroleum professional, well trained and long experienced Process & Control engineers to perform the successful operation and start-up of the project.

Commissioning steps covers:

  • Preparing the Pre-commissioning logic requirements, plans, procedures, schedule, lists, and sequences
  • Air and water hydrostatically tests for pipes, tanks, and pipelines
  • Nitrogen filling process for gas pipelines and stations projects
  • Simulations for process different cases, loop & signals check lists
  • Issuing the Commissioning & Start-up plans, procedures, and sequences
  • Applying project potential Emergency Shut Down cases “ESD”
  • Confirming Final modifications prior of issuing of AS-BUILT drawings (red & blue marked drawings)
  • Initial & official start-up, handover of the project
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